Sunday, April 6, 2014

The weekend (days 5&6)

The week was pretty exhausting and the weekend was not much more relaxing either! I was always really tired by the evening so I could not write! That's is why I put those 2 days in one! The morning of Saturday I participated in breathing aerobics, group aerobics and water aerobics before continuing the day activities. On sunday there was only hiking in the morning which I skipped because I had it planned for the afternoon. After the hike I went to a thermal swimming pool.
Here are my impressions in pictures! 

For Saturday 
Flowers in bloom in front of the building
Tea time in this cute tea house (which is pictured in a previous blog) in the Kurpark
Interesting bench and sculpture that I saw while walking down to the information point in the city
On that same route a very interesting fountain (was not on)
Evening time I went to a classical piano concert
Timur Gasratov playing amazingly
Since I came a little too late from the concert to have the evening juice, I asked beforehand for them to bring it to my room

For Sunday 
Morning coffee as usual
Ootd for going to a morning jazz session
It was very sunny and beautiful on my walk down
A very interesting statue again (on the way to the jazz bar)
The jazz bar or rather pub was filled with elderly people. The band played songs like "Blueberry hill" and "Hello dolly". I enjoyed it!
On the walk back up
At the top of the hiking route was this tower
View from the top of the tower
On the hike down
Dinner juice was apple and celery! 

Yours truly

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