Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lovely Saturday

My Saturday began as usual with my morning coffee, but this time there was a little bowl with prunes. The prunes are helpful in getting your metabolism and intestinal work going after the fast. Then I went to breakfast for the first time here, I felt so full after it that I even skipped out on breathing aerobics. I did participate in the other morning sports activities though.  At lunch time it was time for lunch, I mean real lunch not just broth. As a starter I had this really tasty carrot salad followed by a portion of mashed potatoes. That was amazing. In the afternoon I went to a nearby city called Hamelin ( the tale "the pied piper of Hamelin" stems from there). In the evening I ate a light dinner of vegetables with cottage cheese dip.
Here are my impressions in pictures

Morning coffee and prunes
Breakfast: ryebread crackers with cottage cheese and jam
Lunch: carrot salad

Spotted the first rat right by the train station

Interesting architecture of Hamelin buildings  
Throughout the whole city you can find these little rats

Dinner vegetables with dip and a kiwi for desert

Yours truly

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