Thursday, April 10, 2014

The last of the fast (day 10)

Yippy, I have done it! I have been fasting for 10 full days! To some this may seem like not a big deal but to me it's a celebration! Beside the usual morning program that I do (breathing aerobics, group arobics, water aerobics) I added Callanetics to the program. In the afternoon I attended another cooking class that is supposed to teach you recipes you can so at home to stay on track with the healthy life. A thing I started doing in the evenings is interval walking on the treadmill, so that's another thing I did today.
Here are my impressions of the day in pictures

Herbs and greens that one should incorporate in ones meals 
The dietologist chef explaining how to use what and why
One of the recipes I learned today: yellow bellpepper and rhubarb soup with sunflower seeds
The last dinner juice that I am getting here, because the fasting is over and I will be getting food for dinners in the next two days

Yours truly

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