Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fast, fast, fasting day 1

The morning began rather early for me because the morning tea is supposed to be brought to the room at 7 in the morning, so I got up early! Since today was the first day I had to go the lab first to get blood drawn! After that I could finally enjoy my morning coffee! 
You are supposed to be drinking tea but I am a coffee person and starting a day without coffee is not an option for me, so they let me have some! 
After that came the morning cleanse ritual where you drink all that and then..well it has to leave the body again, helping you to detoxify! 
While waiting for the action I did something beautifying! Gel patches for the eyes are a great invention! 
After all the cleansing that was going on :) I decided to have my daily lunch time vegetable broth in my room. 
In the afternoon before a massage appointment I took a long walk in the area. Very beutiful and serene souroundings!
After my massage I decided to walk down to the town center!

Magnolias in full bloom
Town library
For dinner today I had carrot juice in the juice room, which fits perfectly to the flower table decor today!
Gym time! It's hard to take a picture while  running on the elliptical! :)
Finally it's time for an evening yogi tea and the soft, soothing scent of a vanilla candle!

Yours truly,

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