Friday, April 11, 2014

Breaking the fast

Today was as regular a day as any other day here except that I got reintroduced to solid food after the 10 days of fasting that I did. As usual the day started with a weigh-in, was followed by morning coffee and the variousorning excercises that I do. At ten instead of the cleansing ritual I got a plate with two apples and a note that congratulates me on finishing my fast. One apple had to be eaten in the morning and the other in the afternoon. 
Then followed the regular sports regimen. In the afternoon I had my last fasting broth for lunch, before I went to the city to buy some souvenirs. Thereafter I went on a hike with friends I made here. In the evening I went to the proper dining room and instead of juice I received a real meal of potato kohlrabi soup. When arriving at my place there was a little personalized diploma of completion of a fast of 11 days on my plate. I must say that I really liked the presentation of the food. Here are my impressions of the day in pictures

The two apples I had to eat during the day
Graduation of broth lunch. Last one was a tomato broth with Italian herbs
Flowers in town
On the hike: yellow fields through the forest
The first meal tasted so amazing after the fast and the cute presentation made it even better
Evening walk to town

Yours truly

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