Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lovely Saturday

My Saturday began as usual with my morning coffee, but this time there was a little bowl with prunes. The prunes are helpful in getting your metabolism and intestinal work going after the fast. Then I went to breakfast for the first time here, I felt so full after it that I even skipped out on breathing aerobics. I did participate in the other morning sports activities though.  At lunch time it was time for lunch, I mean real lunch not just broth. As a starter I had this really tasty carrot salad followed by a portion of mashed potatoes. That was amazing. In the afternoon I went to a nearby city called Hamelin ( the tale "the pied piper of Hamelin" stems from there). In the evening I ate a light dinner of vegetables with cottage cheese dip.
Here are my impressions in pictures

Morning coffee and prunes
Breakfast: ryebread crackers with cottage cheese and jam
Lunch: carrot salad

Spotted the first rat right by the train station

Interesting architecture of Hamelin buildings  
Throughout the whole city you can find these little rats

Dinner vegetables with dip and a kiwi for desert

Yours truly

Friday, April 11, 2014

Breaking the fast

Today was as regular a day as any other day here except that I got reintroduced to solid food after the 10 days of fasting that I did. As usual the day started with a weigh-in, was followed by morning coffee and the variousorning excercises that I do. At ten instead of the cleansing ritual I got a plate with two apples and a note that congratulates me on finishing my fast. One apple had to be eaten in the morning and the other in the afternoon. 
Then followed the regular sports regimen. In the afternoon I had my last fasting broth for lunch, before I went to the city to buy some souvenirs. Thereafter I went on a hike with friends I made here. In the evening I went to the proper dining room and instead of juice I received a real meal of potato kohlrabi soup. When arriving at my place there was a little personalized diploma of completion of a fast of 11 days on my plate. I must say that I really liked the presentation of the food. Here are my impressions of the day in pictures

The two apples I had to eat during the day
Graduation of broth lunch. Last one was a tomato broth with Italian herbs
Flowers in town
On the hike: yellow fields through the forest
The first meal tasted so amazing after the fast and the cute presentation made it even better
Evening walk to town

Yours truly

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The last of the fast (day 10)

Yippy, I have done it! I have been fasting for 10 full days! To some this may seem like not a big deal but to me it's a celebration! Beside the usual morning program that I do (breathing aerobics, group arobics, water aerobics) I added Callanetics to the program. In the afternoon I attended another cooking class that is supposed to teach you recipes you can so at home to stay on track with the healthy life. A thing I started doing in the evenings is interval walking on the treadmill, so that's another thing I did today.
Here are my impressions of the day in pictures

Herbs and greens that one should incorporate in ones meals 
The dietologist chef explaining how to use what and why
One of the recipes I learned today: yellow bellpepper and rhubarb soup with sunflower seeds
The last dinner juice that I am getting here, because the fasting is over and I will be getting food for dinners in the next two days

Yours truly

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday in one (day 8&9)

I will begin by saying I don't get to write every evening because some times I am just too tired over the day. I am pretty sure that you already know the basic idea of what I do everyday or what I drink so I feel like I don't need to repeat myself.
Here are my impressions of the last two days in pictures:

For Tuesday 
Morning coffee 

I went to the musical "Little shop of Horrors" it was very fun to watch

For Wednesday 
Amazingly sweet fresh orange juice for dinner

Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And another Monday is here...(day7)

As usual the day began with the weigh-in and I must say I am liking where this is going! Afterwards of course I drank my coffee in peace! The sports program for me started with breathing aerobics and was filled by group aerobics. Then I had an hour of private training with a focus on the back! Of course I had to go to my favorite aqua aerobics after that. Then it was time for lunch broth which I had to drink down really quick, because I had an appointment with the dietologist (which lasted 1.5 hours). We discussed the dos and donts of my personal diet! In the afternoon I went down to the town to do a little shopping. After that I had the evening juice which was grapefruit, attended a lecture on how to pay more attention to the self in life and then tried Qigong for the first time. To the latter I actually have a funny story: qigong is an ancient Chinese form of meditation, but to me it just didn't want to work. In the middle of the class a few giant bugs flew in the room and were flying against the lamps and of course I thought it was hornets, unlike the other people I could not hold my composure and ran out of the room. The bugs flew out and I was called back in for the second part of the class, but of course as soon as I closed my eyes and started to meditate they came back. This time I didn't leave but I spent the rest of the class staring at the bugs, which in the last three minutes , I discovered, were not hornets but cockchafer also know as May bugs.  Here are my impressions of the day in pictures (today not all that many)
Lunch time broth of tomato and pumpkin
Drinking my afternoon tea while reading what the dietologist gave me
This picture is not made by me but that's what the may bug looks like, and they are huge

Yours truly

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The weekend (days 5&6)

The week was pretty exhausting and the weekend was not much more relaxing either! I was always really tired by the evening so I could not write! That's is why I put those 2 days in one! The morning of Saturday I participated in breathing aerobics, group aerobics and water aerobics before continuing the day activities. On sunday there was only hiking in the morning which I skipped because I had it planned for the afternoon. After the hike I went to a thermal swimming pool.
Here are my impressions in pictures! 

For Saturday 
Flowers in bloom in front of the building
Tea time in this cute tea house (which is pictured in a previous blog) in the Kurpark
Interesting bench and sculpture that I saw while walking down to the information point in the city
On that same route a very interesting fountain (was not on)
Evening time I went to a classical piano concert
Timur Gasratov playing amazingly
Since I came a little too late from the concert to have the evening juice, I asked beforehand for them to bring it to my room

For Sunday 
Morning coffee as usual
Ootd for going to a morning jazz session
It was very sunny and beautiful on my walk down
A very interesting statue again (on the way to the jazz bar)
The jazz bar or rather pub was filled with elderly people. The band played songs like "Blueberry hill" and "Hello dolly". I enjoyed it!
On the walk back up
At the top of the hiking route was this tower
View from the top of the tower
On the hike down
Dinner juice was apple and celery! 

Yours truly