Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2 so much to do...

Today it was a little harder for me to get up but the thought of coffee,coffee, coffee made it a lot easier. Unfortunately I didn't get to my coffee as fast and that's because today was weigh-in day. Like clockwork my coffee was brought in at 7.10 and the lady told me that there was already a line at the weigh in chamber! I went to the weighing about ten minutes later to find that there is still a line. I sat down and waited while thinking "how long can it frickin take to step on a scale???". There were 4 people in front of me and it seemed like an eternity, which it probably wasn't! When it was finally my turn I was really quick and the nurse who wrote down my weight and checked my blood pressure was surprised that I was so eager to get out of there and told me that most people love to stay and chat or tell you all about their "pains". During the day I went to personal back training, aqua aerobics, group hiking and to a lecture about what happens when ones gets home. Since I was busy all the time I forgot to take pictures at all those events. But here are some of my impressions of the day.
Here the coffee I so waited for in my sunlit room
At lunch I had vegetable broth again even though it looks like coffee in this picture :)
This is what my day looks like (left) and me planning the next day (right)
In the evening after a whole lot of doing I decided to relax while drinking yogi tea and sketching the flowers in my room with a pen (because that's all I had) and on a little notebook which I ,uh-oh, stole from the lecture I was at today :)
Now it's bed time for me thus the no-makeup.

Yours Truly 

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