Friday, April 4, 2014

So much beauty in day 3

Today the morning started with my favorite part, the coffee, and was followed by a cleansing ritual, but not the drinking kind. Thereafter I went to my favorite water aerobics and I must say I discovered this activity to be quite fun! Then I had a super nice full body massage with focus on my back which really needed that sort of attention! After the lunch broth which was pumpkin broth today I decided to "take a hike":))). I walked down to the town center and from there walked into the amazing park they have here! Here are my impressions in pictures!
The pool before aqua aerobics

The Bad Pyrmont Kurpark

The really steep and hard walk up is yet again very beautiful 
In the even a few of the ladies here and I went to see a movie in this very old movie theater 
Here is how it looks from the inside!

Yours truly,

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