Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh how I Love thee Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is back and we are all excited, not only because its so thrilling to see Lonely Boy'sbaby, if in fact its his, or Chuck somewhere in the Czech Republic, but also because we get to gaze at the wonderful styles of Serena and Blair.
Don't we all wish that we would wake up in Paris, dress in the bestest of Couture and sample the wonderfulness of French Chocolatiers.
But thats not all, they also visit museums and randomly run into Royals with which they then have the pleasure to dine.
And of course they always look extra gorgeous.
Now wouldn't it be great to look like this but not spend a fortune?
Lets take Blair in the museum with the floral dress for example why not
use this dress (27.18$) and this purse (33.98$) (both from and accessorize with the necklace from forever 21(14.80$) and pair with this wonderful pair of tope colored pumps (59.99$) from Altogether this outfit will cost you only 135.95$.
Now the outfit blair is wearing while she is trying out the sweets,here we have a light top with black details (missguided 28.88$) paired with a simple back skirt(forever21 9.50$). On top she is wearing a Boucle Tweed Jacket ( on sale 26$). As accessories we have tights (forever21 6.80$), headband (forever 21 5.80$) and a creme colored purse (missguided 44.18$). As for shoes classic black pumps like these from bakersshoes for 49.99$ are perfect. Altogether you will have 171.15$.
Basically here are some ideas of how one can get more for less and look a million bucks at the same time. So have fun trying out these looks!
Yours truly,


  1. I love the Taupe shoes! May have to get some.

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