Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My lovely nails!

For those who are having a hard time making room for constant appointments at the nail salon, wouldn't it be great to have nails polishes that stay put longer than just a few days? You could have acrylic or gel nails? Acrylic holds nail polish for a very long time and you can remove and reapply color any time you want. Disadvantages are the thickness of the nail and also the health of the nail. Such applications on the nail may cause the nails to dry, change color and cause them to break or split easy.
Now if we want to avoid this and we can schedule at least some time at the salon I would recommend using Shellac from Creative Nail Design. This is a nail polish based on the idea of gel nails. 4 coats are applied base coat, 2 coats of polish and top coat. Each coat is dried in the UV lamp just like gel, yet the whole process only takes as long as a regular manicure.
If you do not work too much and too intense with your hands the nail polish should stay on for about 2 weeks!
The day I got my nails done (CND color Fedora)
3 days later! All is in place no chipping and they are still shiny and perfect!

So go ahead and try it!
Yours truly,
For more information on the nail polish go to

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